Scent Sundays, by Katy Young

Katy Young, Beauty Director Harper's Bazaar UK

Massimo Ferragamo once said; "Fragrance helps to communicate immediately a certain something that is special about a person.”   It is if you like, the silent talk behind the handshake, the eyes, the smile.

It is no wonder then that we choose our scent so instinctively, our personal traits navigating us through today’s heady cacophony of florals, chypres and orientals, somehow mapping their way to the fragrance we feel most familiar with.  For it is in those notes, chosen for way they create a mood to sparkle, ooze sex appeal or offer a rush of fresh confidence, that we recognize a part of ourselves, or at least as Ferragamo said, our ‘something special.’

If you believe in modern psychology, like I do, that our personality is fluid and that we are constantly evolving, you can see too why fragrance tastes change as we grow.  Who we are develops depending on the qualities we choose to express every day - at work, at home an in love.

To me it is no mystery then that in my blooming thirties I wore Miller Harris’s Geranium Bourbon. Its fresh rose and green geranium was bright, fun and uplifting (if I do say so myself!) and just what I needed as I grew in confidence and clarity in my forth decade.

Today I wear refined wood fragrances, for today I know who I am and choose to reflect self-assurance and modesty, just as Le Cedre does so calmly by way of cool, confident cedar notes warmed with a friendly floral orchid note.  To me it was the perfect scent to take on my new role as Beauty Director of Bazaar.  For just as my first boss always told me to dress for the job I wanted and not the job I had, perhaps there is a part of me that wears a fragrance for the person I aspire to be, even if I’m not quite there.

A girl can dream, and what better way than through the power of perfume.