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considered ingredients


Over the past three years we have worked closely with our fragrance partner to look further down the supply chain for second use opportunities, resulting in our M.H Upcycled initiative.

For our newest fragrance creations in 2022, 2023 and 2024, we are extremely proud to have included the following upcycled materials.

Hydrolat Sage

In 2023 we launched Hydra Figue, our first EDP that included Hydrolat Sage within a finished product formulation.

Hydrolat is the aromatic water by-product from the hydro-distillation process (in this case of sage leaves). The essential oil is the primary product and the hydrolat is the by-product. We replaced the ‘virgin’ water (usually included at approx. 7% in the final product) with the Hydrolat Sage. This is small step in the right direction, and we are committed to extending this concept to our wider fragrance portfolio.

  • Rose & Patchouli

    Extracted from the by-product of an initial extraction of freshly harvested plants, providing a sustainable form of natural material. The process also provides a year-round commitment to the farmers who otherwise might only be supported during harvest.

    Upcycled Rose & Patchouli is found in our Myrica Muse fragrance.

  • Oakwood

    A by-product of the scrap wood that is used in the creation of wine barrels in the home of wine, France. This wood is PEFC certified, a standard that ensures the development of the forest heritage through a sustainable forest management approach

    Upcycled Cedarwood is found in our Hydra Figue fragrance.

    Discover Hydra Figue
  • Cedarwood

    Extracted from the wood chips from the global wood value chain, mainly the carpentry industry.

    Upcycled Cedarwood is found in our Black Datura fragrance.

    Discover Black Datura
  • Orcanox & Green Mandarin

    Orcanox is synthesised from a molecule extracted from exhausted clary sage, the vegetal waste product of the hydro distillation process.

    Green mandarin a by-product of the citrus juice industry.

    Upcycled Orcanox and Green Mandarin can be found in our Soufflot fragrance.

    Discover Soufflot

Our Sustainability Manifesto