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New Chapters: What the M.H team is reading this Spring

New Chapters: What the M.H team is reading this Spring

At Miller Harris, storytelling, inspiration, and literature are not just elements; they are the soul of our brand. As we embrace the arrival of spring, take a look at what our team is reading and wearing this season.

Jon Graham, CEO: 

What are you reading this month? 

I welcome the arrival of spring with a stack of books I've been meaning to read. In the pile Rick Rubins The Creative Act, John Williams Stoner (again), Norman Mailer The Fight, Wendy Erskine Dance Moves, Katherine Mansfield collection of short stories, but on top of the pile lay The Offing by Benjmain Myers (The Gallows Pole, Pig Iron etc).  

The literal meaning of an Offing is “the distant stretch of sea where sky and water merge”, and a metaphor for the book’s direction. 

The journey to adulthood, in fact the inevitable journey of life that we must all take. Charting one young man’s journey from the coal mines of Durham to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire in search, in search of whatever he is looking for. A beautiful hyper descriptive slow-paced journey set over a few months after the 2nd world war.  The unlikely friendship he forms formed with a well-travelled confident, sophisticated woman who embodies fearless independence. Of the crossing of cultural and class divides. The joy of exploring and finding the things in life that are all around us, the beauty of simplicity, the everyday that we take for granted but that are always the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling things to discover and experience.  

What fragrance are you wearing this month?

My A/W fragrance of choice is Vetiver Insolent during these winter Months. A vetiver with attitude. Smoky, earthy, herby and green. It gets people's attention and also happens to be a perfect accompaniment to my favourite cocktail a super dry vodka martini.  

Lauren Boylan, Head of New Product Development: 

What are you reading this month? 

I’m currently reading the ‘The Hike’ by British Author Lucy Clarke. It is about a group of friends who go hiking in the Norwegian wilderness, however a woman has previously gone missing there, so it hides a sinister side… I am hooked. Thriller is one of my favourite genres anyway but what I really love about this book is the juxtaposition of the tense plot against the backdrop of the beautiful, rugged landscape. The sights, sounds and scents of the mountains and forest are described in such detail, you can really imagine being there. It is emotive and atmospheric. 

It has definitely offered some escapism, particularly from the January blues!

What fragrance are you wearing this month?

Wearing La Feuille a lot (shock not Scherzo haha)!.Partly inspired by reading this book but it’s also just so uplifting for this time of year and makes me want to reconnect with nature. 

It’s sublimely green and aromatic and I’m obsessed with the fresh, slightly bitter tomato leaf note at the moment.  Already has me thinking ahead to warmer days in the garden. 

Sarah Jones, Head of Ecommerce:

What are you reading this month? 

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo. When I first opened the book, which was recommended by a friend of mine, I was a little taken aback by the way in which it was written, defying the rules of punctuation with a free-verse structure that falls somewhere between prose and poetry. During the first few pages, I thought I would struggle to finish the novel, but I soon found that I had fallen into an almost lyrical rhythm of reading that somehow made this book almost unputdownable. 

The book follows the interwoven stories of 12 British, predominately black female characters and each chapter almost literally takes on the voice of a different character; the writing matching the lilt and intonation of each individual. In this snapshot of Britain from 1905 to the present day, it vividly depicts the diverse lives of its central characters, an intriguing ensemble ranging from radical lesbian separatists and middle-aged cleaning ladies to non-binary social media influencers, housewives, bloggers, bankers, and teachers. These individuals are each navigating varying stages of womanhood, and the book skilfully weaves together their compelling stories, exploring themes of race, identity, gender, and sexuality, and giving a voice to those that are too often marginalised.

What fragrance are you wearing this month?

My scent of the season would be Myrica Muse. The initially bright, fruity notes of this scent quickly turn to a soft musk heart, perfect for crisp evenings in and well as evenings out. 


Casey Ho, Senior Digital Marketing Executive: 

What are you reading this month? 

I’ve just finished reading The Bees by Laline Paull. 

The narrative unfolds through the eyes of a bee called Flora 717. It describes the intricacies of hive life and hierarchical duties among the bees.Flora 717 was born as a sanitation bee which is the lowest rank of the hive.

The hive operates similarly to a kingdom where the Queen bee reigns supreme, and every bee exists to serve the hive and the Queen, including drones, which have the sole purpose of mating with a virgin queen during the nuptial flight. 

This book is fascinating because the author truly understands the behaviour of bees. From the physical movements to the hive mindset, the vividness in her writing immerses the reader in the intricate world of bees. I also learnt a lot about how bees interact with the natural world generally.

What fragrance are you wearing: 

I am enjoying layering Rose Silence and Hydra Figue currently. I like this pairing because Rose Silence is suitable for year-round wear and I love its modern quality in a traditionally classic scent. Also, Hydra Figue, because fig just smells luxurious to me and the aquatic element of the fragrance brings in a bit of sunshine. 
This combination works well because it doesn’t evoke pure summer. It feels more like a sunny day in spring.