The FORAGE Collection

Three innovative and highly evocative fragrances inspired by the concept of urban foraging.

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Meet Violet Ida

Our new Eau de Parfum inspired by the World of Brighton Rock, a place of contrasts, vivid colour and nostalgia.

Building on Miller Harris’ creative exploration of literary inspiration, Violet Ida takes Ida Arnold as it’s muse, the big hearted heroine of Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock, who wears violets in her hair.

A perfume of drift and dream; memories of kisses goodnight enveloped in scented nostalgia. The fragrance evokes the highest heels, too much lipstick and a saucy weekend away on the coast, the grey sea splashing on a pebbled beach while the arcades buzz and tinkle in the distance.

Introducing Ida
A fragrant confection, a powdered kiss at the end of the pier.

Violet Ida is warm, evocative and sensual. For Brighton Belles and weekend divas.
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