Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

I am fundraising for a charity, can you help?

Miller Harris receives a large number of requests asking for donations and support with charity events, however we are not able to support each request.

Can you send me some Free Samples?

We love it that you enjoy our Fragrances, and we receive requests to send free samples every day. So we have created our 3 Samples for £5.00 program, this allows you to select any three 2ml sample sizes and we will send it to a UK address for Free. Click here to see the latest samples available

If you live around the world, you can also select three samples for £5.00 although you will also be charged our standard shipping charge.

Why are your shipping charges set at this rate?

As our Fragrance products contain flammable liquids, our carrier partners require us to declare the contents as Flammable. We have a policy to pass the delivery cost we are charged on to our customers without any profit being charged, so the price you see is the cost to Miller Harris. We are adding distribution around the world all the time to bring our range directly to you.

Miller Harris availability

Miller Harris product is sold through three major channels

United Kingdom

  1. Miller Harris Flagship stores - click here for your local store
  2. Miller Harris official website - Click here for the home page
  3. Official retail stockists - click here to find your local store
  4. Official web partners - the websites listed below represent partners who we have agreed will sell product online.,,


  1. Official retail stockists - click here to find your local store
  2. Official web partners - we have limited partners that are two we have agreed will sell product online

Unofficial sellers

If you wish to purchase product from websites not listed above, Miller Harris Ltd cannot confirm either the age or provenance of the product. It is natural for product to reach the end of its lifecycle, and for retailers to sell it on to companies as clearance. This product is then freely sold around the world, and often sold at prices well below those listed in the stores and websites listed above. Due to the nature of this business often product can be promoted for sale for periods far beyond our recommended shelf life.

Miller Harris are not responsible for product bought from third parties, and any effect that it may have when you put it on your skin.

Product shelf life

All of our Fragrances are created using natural ingredients, these ingredients can decay over time. Miller Harris recommend that our Fragrances, Bath and body and Home Fragrances should be used within 3 Years of manufacture.

Are your products Vegan 

Our products are vegan suitable for vegetarians and Cruelty free. You can be confident that our products are formulated entirely without animal-derived products.