Scented Candle Gift Sets

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that scented candles are an impeccable gift for your loved ones. They’re often underestimated in their versatility too and with Miller Harris scented candle gifts sets, you can find the scent that works in perfect harmony with a personality or home.

Highly commended in the Tatler Beauty Awards 2018, our candles are infused with the signature designer scents from our Eau de Parfum collection. Our couture fragrances are like no other, with carefully curated scents that breathe colour and life into the traditional perfumer’s art. Taking inspiration from the city of London, the natural world, art, photography and literature and using lovingly foraged raw natural ingredients, our scents tell a vivid story that should be introduced to every home.

Luxury Candle Gifts to Soothe the Soul

Bring beauty and warmth to a loved one’s home with candle gift boxes that are not only visually pleasing, but will also allow them to get lost in a truly immersive and sensory experience.

Take them into the wilds of nature with the Cassis en Feuille candle, bursting with cedar and musk, and cut with the sweetness of pear and geraniums. The comforting and uplifting familiarity of a steamy black tea can be found in the Infusion de Thé candle and you can transport them to a tranquil tropical rainstorm in Mauritius with the sultry notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and lavender with La Pluie.

We’ve even formulated visual interpretations of each of our fragrances, helping you to capture the aura of the recipient’s home. Our mosaic map of colour means that your scented candle present will always work in perfect harmony, keeping the ying and yang perfectly balanced in their home.