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Creating Conscious Rituals with Bedfolk

Creating Conscious Rituals with Bedfolk

This year, we’re swapping resolutions for rituals….

There’s a beauty in rituals, something comforting in carving out time that’s just for you. Whether it’s in the spritz of your favourite fragrance each morning, the moment of calm as you wrap yourself in the plushest of towels or in the glow of your candle that illuminates the pages of your book each night.

We caught up with our friends at luxury Home & Interiors brand, Bedfolk, to bring you some scented top tips for making the most of these small moments and creating conscious rituals that cut through the noise and chaos of our busy lives.

Create a time and space that is just for you.

Giving each room a purpose can help when you need to switch off and we can do this through scent, design, colour and texture.

The act of homemaking is one of life’s great pleasures. At Bedfolk, we gravitate towards soft, natural textures in mellow colours and that’s a thread that can run throughout your entire home. The bedroom is where you’ll feel the most difference by using premium, natural fabrics (we spend a third of our lives in close contact with our sheets after all), but the sitting room and the bathroom can also be transformed with the use of soft, pure fabrics and timeless colours inspired by nature.

When it comes to the bedroom, creating a space where you feel calm, comforted and completely at ease is essential for good rest. Layer up your bed with 100% linen or 100% cotton bedding (or better yet, combine them), which will ensure long-lasting soft comfort. Add large square pillows to up the comfort factor (an 100% Down fill will give you the ultimate in lofty comfort – we offer a recycled version which is repurposed from luxury apparel) and add versatile layers like a Quilt or Throw which makes your room look ‘pulled together’ with minimal effort. This is a space where keeping things simple can really make a difference – calming colours and avoiding clutter can help your mind to switch off at the end of a busy day. 

The living room is often the main gathering space in your home, where you unwind at the end of the day or entertain guests, so making it welcoming and comfortable is key. Versatile pieces in natural materials like wood or leather work well, with texture added via a natural jute rug, woven baskets or knitted throws. Here you may want to use washed linen as a core material, which is naturally very durable and has a soft, slubby texture which can work well to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have a busy household with children, pets or other family members, forgiving colours like deep mellow blues can work really well (and often look beautifully lived-in on linen fabrics). 

The bathroom is where you really want to up the indulgence factor and create a spa-from home experience. That means using super-fluffy 100% cotton towels – the plusher the better (anything over 600gsm is a premium, luxury weight). Look for Turkish cotton / Turkish made, it’s the best in terms of towelling (towels, robes and bathmats). For little ones, something a little lighter is ideal (between 350 and 500gsm), but stick with Turkish cotton if you can, it’s so soft on the skin.

Fragrance is another tool that can instantly change the environment and mood of a room and a perfectly placed scent can transform a tired space into a room with a distinct personality which supports your daily routine and lifestyle. 

Your living room is the most versatile and social space in your home. Whether you’re lounging or entertaining, look for a scent that is subtle enough for the everyday but brings an added character and comfort to the evenings. Woody and warm notes such as sandalwood, amber and vanilla work well, filling your nest with a calm and cosy fragrance without prompting too much snoozing – we’d recommend our Santal Diffuser for a long-lasting throw. Top tip: make sure to occasionally turn the reeds to stimulate the diffusion for a burst of scent. 

In a space that’s just for you, for example the bathroom – create an environment that invites you to press pause and reset. Stock up with your favourite bath & body products and make sure there’s a candle sitting bath side. Aromatic, herbaceous notes such as rosemary and vetiver are known for their balancing and grounding properties and can help to clear the mind – perfect for taking some time out. Often favoured by spas, citrus scents are also notes which you can bring into your wet room to create a sanctuary at home. Whether you’re in need of a morning wake-up for a mid-day dose of positivity, look for naturally uplifting and energising notes such as bergamot, orange and lemon. Try our Tea Tonique Collection for a harmonious aromatic and citrus fusion.

When it comes to winding down in the bedroom, we can lean on certain scents to help us relax and switch off in preparation for a restful sleep. Home fragrances with musky, floral undertones make great additions to your bedside table. Try a delicate rose or lavender for a soft and sensual aroma that will ease the transition into sleep.

Create a routine that feels like a luxury.

Bedfolk: You can bring the spa experience home quite easily, creating a calming oasis that allows you to bliss out daily (even if that’s just for 2 minutes after your morning shower). The small things that make such a difference are things like the plushness of your towels (we’ve all had those crispy, crunchy towel moments), or using similar colours and fabrications for your bathroom textiles, so your cocooned in softness from the moment you step onto the bathmat.    

We can weave a sense of comfort and care into what might seem like mundane everyday tasks such as showering or bathing, just by making them feel like rituals rather than chores. Taking that extra 30 seconds to savour the moment of wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel before you get dressed, or lighting a candle during your bath, can promote relaxation and calm your mind.  

M.H: Making the most of your daily routine is something that we champion. It’s our philosophy to seek beauty in the everyday and find magic in the moments that are often overlooked. So when it comes to creating rituals, look first to the basic, mindless actions and start cherishing them. For example, bring some excitement to bathing and shower yourself with a scent you adore and look forward to enjoying. Treat yourself to an indulgent body cream that will leave you feeling pampered. Add a little luxury to your sink and opt for a hand wash and lotion that smells irresistible and nourishes the skin.

And of course – make sure you there’s finishing touch of fragrance in your getting-ready routine that leaves you feeling confident and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Stay tuned for part 2 of conscious rituals with Bedfolk.