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Perfumer's Notes - Tea

Perfumer's Notes - Tea

Tea, when incorporated into fragrances, lends a distinct olfactory profile that varies depending on the type of tea used and how it is blended with other notes. 

Here are some common characteristics of tea notes in fragrances:

Green Tea: The notes often evoke a fresh, clean, and slightly grassy aroma. Green tea perfume can be crisp and invigorating, reminiscent of a freshly brewed cup of green tea, with hints of vegetal and herbal nuances.

Black Tea: It tends to be deeper, richer, and more robust compared to green tea. These notes can add warmth and complexity to a fragrance composition.

Earl Grey Tea: It is characterised by its distinctive citrusy aroma, typically derived from the addition of bergamot oil. Fragrances featuring Earl Grey tea notes often have a bright and uplifting character, with hints of bergamot adding a zesty freshness to the blend - a great ingredient for citrus fragrances.

Maté Tea: Popular in South America, offers a unique scent profile with herbal, slightly bitter, and earthy notes. In fragrances, maté tea can add a refreshing and invigorating element, reminiscent of the energising effects of drinking maté tea.

In the world of perfumery, where scents tell stories and evoke emotions, few ingredients possess the versatility of tea. From the misty mornings of tea plantations to the bustling streets of urban jungles, tea fragrances capture the essence of serenity and vitality.

Let's delve into the olfactory wonders of tea through these distinctive Miller Harris fragrances that transport us to diverse landscapes and narratives.

Tea Tonique: Essence of Morning Mists

Imagine standing amidst neatly planted rows of tea shrubs as the morning mist gracefully envelops the landscape. This is the scene that inspires Tea Tonique, a fragrance that encapsulates the crispness of early mornings and the rejuvenating aroma of tea leaves. 

With its blend of Italian bergamot, floral earl grey, and the earthy intensity of maté, Tea Tonique unfolds like a serene morning ritual. The citrusy notes of bergamot and lemon dance delicately with petitgrain, while the heart notes of green tea, earl grey tea, and mate tea infuse the fragrance with warmth and depth. Nutmeg adds a touch of spice, while birch tar and musk leave a lasting impression reminiscent of the misty tea plantations.

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Celadon: A Poetic Ode to Jade

Inspired by the enchanting world of 'Dream of the Red Chamber', Celadon is a fragrance from the M.H Stories Collection that celebrates the beauty of nature and poetry.

Opening with green notes of tomato leaf and tea, it conjures images of jade stones glistening in the rain. This eau de parfum evolves gracefully, weaving a narrative of tranquility and elegance.

Citrusy sparks of cardamom mingle with tranquil magnolia and maté tea, transporting us to the heart of China.

Lavender and white musk evoke purity, while Indian tuberose adds creamy sophistication. Cedarwood and moss bring a grounding touch, reminiscent of the mossy pots and landscapes described in the literary masterpiece.

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