PDP Content - La Feuille

"La Feuille by Miller Harris is a scent of gathering, the immensely evocative palette of autumn cut through with the nostalgic olfactive recollections of gleeful foraging, berry-picking and damp woodlands. Gorgeous russet, gold and copper leaves, mingled with verdant ivy, towering oaks, dewy moss and bloom of verdigris bark.

So many of us recognise the sharp citric jamminess of blackcurrants; we can smell the ghost of it on our fingers; in La Feuille it is crushed with the delicious ripeness of fig and cut grass stems to fill us with a sense of genuine happiness and seasonal place and time. The materials have glowing, glistening texture, if it were jam or preserve, you could imagine jars of La Feuille cooling down on an old stone work surface near a barely open window. Outside freshly cut grass, bold old ivy climbing the front of the house and a whisper of crushed dried leaves rolls into the room.

A perfume for all seasons, but oh so special as the summer fades and the leaves turn."