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L' Air de Rien L' Air de Rien
Eau de Parfum 100ml

L' Air de Rien


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Iconic singer and actress Jane Birkin's perfume, L'Air de Rien is a uniquely intimate and nostalgic fragrance. Seeking to capture all of Jane's favourite scents and chic sensuality, L'Air de Rien captures the comfort of a lovers embrace, watching dust dance in the light as you lay entwined. An intimate blend of musk and amber, softened by the suggestion of old books through earthy moss and dry vanilla. Alluring and profound, with an unspoken intimacy and closeness.

Layer L'Air de Rien with Lumière Dorée, Étui Noir or Vetiver Insolent.

A visual interpretation of fragrance, the scent mosaic is made up of a series of colours, each representing a heart or top note.

Top: Neroli Tunisia

Heart: Neroli Tunisia

Base: Oak moss, Patchouli Indonesia, Vanilla Reunion, Amber, White musk

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L'air de Rien
Created with the iconic singer and actress Jane Birkin.
Seeking to capture Jane Birkin's favourite scents and inimitable style, L'Air de Rien conjures dusty libraries and old books through earthen oak moss and a dry vanilla note. An alluring and profound amber accord is balanced against a sensual yet sweet musk. It speaks of nostalgia, intimacy and comfort.
L'Air de Rien
L’Air de Rien, literally The Essence of Nothing, is a masterpiece of modern perfumery, one of the most enigmatic constructions skin can wear.