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Lumière Dorée Lumière Dorée Lumière Dorée
Eau de Parfum

Lumière Dorée


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Energising sunshine, spun into gold, filtered through the branches of the orange tree. A perfume that tells the story of neroli, Lumière Dorée is intoxicatingly fresh, balancing both sides of neroli: zingy floralcy with the intensity of the white blossom. Lifted by shimmering bergamot, the captivating bloom is paired with hypnotic jasmine and honeyed orange flower. The luminous backdrop of soft amber and clean musks carries the freshness throughout the day.

A visual interpretation of fragrance, the scent mosaic is made up of a series of colours, each representing a heart or top note.

Top: Bergamot Italy EO, Petit Grain Bigaradier EO, Orange Bigarade EO

Heart: Neroli Bigarade Morocco EO, Sambac Jasmine abs

Base: Cashmere wood, Vetiver EO, Crisp Amber, White Musks

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Eau de Parfum
Lumière Dorée
Lumière Dorée by Miller Harris is a surprisingly touching hymn to orange blossom. Originally launched in 2016 alongside Etui Noir, it is a sunlit contrast to that warm, leathered darkness but something that can be mixed with it, creating something entirely new and unexpected; a spiked and elegant leather cocktail, a splash of gold paint thrown across the back of Etui Noir’s moody hand-me-down redolent biker jacket.
Lumière Dorée
The early sunshine, dipped in gold.
An energising shower of light filtered through the branches of an orange tree. The citrus freshness and intoxicating floralcy of neroli is at the core of the fragrance. Pulled at its fresh facet by bergamot, whilst the hypnotic floralcy of jasmine and orange flower create space to reflect. Luminous and excited, the amber and musk base carries the freshness through the day at the speed of light.
Lumière Dorée
Reflective and radiant
A ray of Golden Light ...
Lumière Dorée smells like strange light, entering an empty room sensing perhaps past voices as dust motes sparkle like so much proffered gold and shadows.

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