Luxury Perfume for Women

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Channel your inner radiance with an effervescent fragrance that makes your heart sing. The Miller Harris perfume shop features a scent for every personality, whether you're the eccentric rebel, the unconventional bibliophile or the authentic nature-lover.

Our collection of perfume for women seeks to encapsulate the complexity of what it means to be a modern woman, whether you identify with one or all of those qualities. Our primary muse is the vivid and vibrant city of London, with our perfumes featuring carefully blended green notes from the natural world, along with precious botanicals and wild ingredients that have been lovingly foraged.

Our Luxury Perfumer's Library

Our eclectic library of ladies' perfumes is colourful and quirky, taking creative inspiration from unexpected places. Influenced by photography, literature, spoken word, fashion, art and film, we concoct beautiful perfumes that are wonderfully nuanced.

La Fumée Alexandrie is a romantic tribute to the legendary city of Alexandria, combining alluring rose and oud aromas with fresh lychee and mandarin, as well as the warmth of sandalwood and cinnamon. L'Air de Rien is a loving ode to Jane Birkin's imitable style, mixing earthy oak, dry vanilla and sensual yet sweet musk notes. Tender was created in response to Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, combining fresh scents like pink pepper and luxurious rose and dusky storax and frankincense to emulate the sense of longing and seduction beautifully described by the author.

Your signature scent is nestled within our perfume shop, and you can add your own story to the intimate sensory experience curated by our mixologists.