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Fragrance Families


Floral fragrances are as rich and varied as the bounty of flowers from which they take inspiration.

So it is no surprise that they are amongst the most popular scents. Nature provides rich pickings for this genre, with orange blossom, gardenia, jasmine, roses, and many more, providing essential oils and absolutes that are transformed into beautiful bouquets of scent. There are many types of floral fragrance - some simply try to recreate the smell of a singular flower, whilst others aim for abstraction, twisting the flowers of nature into new bouquets and shapes. Floral fragrances can be rich and exotic, heady and intense, but they can also be delicate and dewy too, making them one of the most diverse and intriguing fragrance families there is. Recommended if you like Scherzo, Rose Silence....


Citrus fragrances are fresh and traditionally loved by everyone – they feel bright, exuberant, uplifting and reminiscent of summer.

Oils pressed from the rind of citrus fruits, from the hazy sunlit freshness of bergamot, to the sweetness of mandarin and the bitter zest of the orange, form the main theme of citrus fragrances. Mouthwatering and refreshing, citrus fragrances evoke ice-cold cocktails and walks in expansive groves on hot, languid days. Combined with herbs, floral extracts and woods to create long-lasting and vibrant scents that feel as restorative as an exotic holiday and as juicy-delicious as an ice-cold Pimm’s. Recommended if you like Tea Tonique, DANCE amongst the lace....

Amber / Spice

Amber/Spice fragrances are exotic and sensual – vastly different in style from florals, and usually loved for the evening.

Originally inspired by the scents of the near and far east, they are lush with rich resins, dashed with spice and twists of amber, vanilla and oudh. They are fragrances of texture that can feel as luxurious and weighty as velvet but as as sleek and supple as silk. They evoke the bright colours of an exotic world, creating olfactory patterns that are distinct, unusual and beautiful. These fragrances provide intense, emotional experiences that are impossible to forget. Recommended if you like Peau Santal, Leather Rouge...


Aromatic fragrances offer freshness as an alternative to citrus.

Taking the scents of crushed leaves, herbs and fruits as their starting point, often reminding us of nature in unique and unexpected ways. They are clean, herbal and cool – but can be combined in a myriad of ways to bring contrasting facets such as intense warmth and refreshing coolness. Aromatic fragrances are prismatic and intriguing - they blur the lines between masculine and feminine with signatures that feel exceptionally well-tailored, much like a Saville Row suit or timeless piece of couture. Recommended if you like DANCE amongst the lace, Le Cedre....


Woody fragrances are rich and warm, earthy and intense, taking their name from the heartwoods of trees and roots from around the world.

The soft sensuality of sandalwood, the unique contrast of freshness and smoke found in vetiver, the richness of cedar, amplified or manipulated by the master perfumer. Woods have long been viewed as having a masculine edge yet are key for unisex appeal. They are decidedly diverse, and range from scents of rich, smoky opulence, to soft, powdery scents with a delicate mineral feel. Woody fragrances are surprising and intimate, with a thoughtfulness that gives them an introspective air allowing them to be the perfect fragrance for any occasion or outfit. Recommended if you like Etui Noir, Feuilles de Tabac....