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Discover our new candle collection...

Discover our new candle collection...

We’ve re-developed our fine fragrance candle range in a new larger candle with refreshed design and with a positive move to a natural soy and rapeseed blend wax and making improvements to the formulations.

Our candles carry their scent perfectly to create a luxury experience that will infuse interiors for up to 50 hours.

The Wax
If you’ve heard of any kind of candle wax, it’s probably soy. And that’s for good reason. Soy Wax is the go-to wax choice for many candle makers nowadays thanks to its eco-friendly credentials, clean burn, and quality scent throw. 
Our top tips for candle care... 
1. Discovering your candle

The first impression when you take it out of the carton, before you burn, is the cold 'Throw'. The first whiff. The hot throw is a term that signifies how the candle reveals itself when burning, the radius of Miller Harris candles scent can be quite profound, inviting you in to discover more...

2. Choosing your scent
What are you in the mood for and where are you?
This is really what determines what to burn and when, for example;

In the Foyer, opt for a candle that is warm and inviting. Comforting scents like Figue or Mandarin are ideal for creating a great first impression for guests and your family.

In the den or the sitting room during these cold winter months, Tabac and Santal are choice options, the warmth of a woody tobacco luxurious blend, and  a beautiful nuzzly sandalwood, moss and musky scent. 

For the bedroom, something perhaps something more romantic... Rose is ideal for a petally, dewy wet and musky rose scent. 

Take a bath with the fresh yet calming aroma of our Tea candle. A medley of earthy earl grey and zesty bergamot, this perfectly balanced candle will revitalise and refresh, creating a dreamy spa-at home experience.

3. Layering your candles
Love a few? Why not layer, to create a mood for your environment, include Mandarin for a playful mood with its wet juicy pear and suede note, or a floral mood with Rose or a fresh and warm match with Santal.  

4. It's all about evolution
The beauty of our candles is the journey they take me on from the top note first impression which nuances fresh, citrus and green aromatic notes, to the heart of the scent with florals and spice, to the base note which lingers longest, the woods, musks and amber notes

5. The First Burn
Is the most important to candle health. So initially, burn your candle for at least two hours, so that the top layer of wax can fully melt from edge to edge, preventing a memory ring from being created. In fact it is recommended to burn for one hour per inch of the candle diameter. This will prevent tunnelling and ensure that the wax will melt evenly for the life of the candle.

6. The Wick
Trim regularly, so as to ensure optimal burn. The length of the wick corresponds to the burn speed, so keep it maintained to not more than 1/8 inch or 2 millimetres, and CENTRE YOUR WICK when the wax is liquid, with each use, so that that it burns symmetrically and doesn’t effect the vessel.

7. Recycle
Reusing your beautiful Miller Harris holder is encouraged! Hot water and a clean towel will help remove any residue.

8. Safe Burning
Make sure you burn your candle away from any draft or heat source or within reach of children.

9. Storage
It's important to protect not only the precious fragrance oils that create the scent, but also the wax. Temperature and light will affect the odour and colour so keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or intense light.  No extreme heat or cold to prevent melting or cracking respectively. And if exposed, let the candle sit to room temperature prior to burning and finally, when the wax melts to a half inch, discontinue use to avoid heating the surface it is sitting on.
10. Keep them clean
Wipe off any residue or dust with moist cotton, mild soap and water.