Vetiver Insolent 1 * 9ml EDT - mhtest1
Vetiver Insolent 1 * 9ml EDT - mhtest1
Eau de Parfum

Vetiver Insolent 9ml

For the fearless. A spicy fragrance with Vetiver as it's heart

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An exploration of vetiver, the roots of a grass grown in Haiti and India, Vetiver Insolent is an intriguingly fresh yet smoky fragrance. It conjures the summertime tradition of weaving vetiver roots into a curtain, placed at a window and drenched in water to cool and scent the air. The facets of vetiver are all at play here, the forest floor earthiness of the root juxtaposed with the smoky resin of elemi, the woody elements of black pepper and the brazen freshness of bergamot and cardamom.