Le Cèdre 2ml Vial - mhtest1
Le Cèdre 2ml Vial - mhtest1
Le Cèdre 2ml Vial - mhtest1
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Le Cèdre 2ml Vial

For the adventurer. A spicy tale of cedarwood and black orchid.

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Le Cèdre is the perfumer's story of travel and adventure, telling of encounters with cedar around the globe. Texas cedarwood, a quality with an immaculate cleanliness yet corporeal heat, is matched with an unlikely companion - the black orchid. A fantasy of spice and heat, cedar and orchid are cut through by an airy blend of pink and black pepper, a shock of mimosa and the intensity of musk. Aromatic, deep, rich, but entirely translucent. Le Cèdre is an escapists dream, looking to all corners of the compass.

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