L'Air de Rien 50ml
L'Air de Rien 50ml
Eau de Parfum

L'Air de Rien 50ml

L'Air de Rien is the fragrant expression of Jane Birkin's life and style.

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Iconic singer and actress Jane Birkin's perfume, L'Air de Rien is a uniquely intimate and nostalgic fragrance. Seeking to capture all of Jane's favourite scents and chic sensuality, L'Air de Rien captures the comfort of a lovers embrace, watching dust dance in the light as you lay entwined. An intimate blend of musk and amber, softened by the suggestion of old books through earthy moss and dry vanilla. Alluring and profound, with an unspoken intimacy and closeness.
Sometimes described as a Fragrance Pyramid, we describe our perfumes as having Head Notes, Heart Notes and Lasting Impressions.

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