Canary Wharf

Unit Rs 330, 1 Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 4QT

Telephone: 0207 399 1948

Christmas opening times

Thursday 19th Dec        8.30am to 20:30pm

Friday 20th Dec            8.30am to 20:30pm

Saturday 21st Dec         8.30am to 20:30pm

Sunday 22nd Dec       12:00pm to 18:00pm

Monday 23rd Dec          8.30am to 20:30pm

Tuesday 24th Dec          8.30am to 20:30pm

Christmas Day           CLOSED

Boxing Day       11:00am - 18:00pm

Opening Hours

Monday            9am to 20:00pm

Tuesday             9am to 20:00pm

Wednesday        9am to 20:00pm

Thursday            9am to 20:00pm

Friday               9am to 20:00pm

Saturday          10am to 19:00pm

Sunday       12:00pm to 18:00pm


“A very vibrant force has landed in Canary Wharf. London-based perfume brand Miller Harris’s new flagship store surpasses fragrance shop expectations, transforming olfactory art into a multi-sensory ambush.”

“We want our stores to provide an immersive experience as choosing a fragrance is such a personal and emotive journey, to stimulate a sensorial response to the fragrances and showcase the story-telling of so many of our perfumes.”