Your hands and body always deserve a bit of love. Treat them to a luxury hand and body cream for a little refreshing boost that you can keep in your handbag.

Lightly scented to create a lasting, but not overpowering impression, our indulgent body and hand creams can freshen and moisturise your skin to perfection. Infused with the fragrance of our iconic Miller Harris perfumes, such as Rose Silence, Tea Tonique and Lumière Dorée, our perfumed body creams and hand creams are a little pot of luxury.

The Beautiful Everyday

As a leading perfumer in the UK, our designer scents are inspired by everything from fresh rainfall, spring blooms and even the aromas around London. We seek out the beauty in the ordinary and we’ve perfected the art of embodying this in our lotions and potions.

Perfect for a modern bohemian, our luxury hand creams and body creams celebrate the sweetness, the intensity and the joy of life, whilst remaining respectful to the planet. Our mixologists use naturally sourced products to create the vibrant force of our collection – it’s authentic, dynamic and provocative, with an intrinsic British quality.

If you feel at one with the pulse of the world, a softly perfumed hand cream with one of our carefully curated scents can bring that connection to the forefront of your day. Treat your senses to what will become a coveted essential in your daily beauty routine; a luxurious body cream to connect you to the world around you and give your skin a much-needed boost.