Nourishing for both your body and your soul, a bath can be a soothing remedy after a long day. Infuse your warm water with a luxury bath oil from Miller Harris and soak in the goodness for the ultimate way to relax.

With exquisite floral notes from our iconic perfumers and mixed with intensely moisturising argan and moringa oils, you’ll be immersing yourself in an indulgent bath that not only relaxes your mind and body, but also softens and hydrates your skin.

Elevating Your Beauty Regime

Take your bath to the next level by adding a drop or two of our carefully concocted perfumed bath oils. The water will be transformed into a luxurious elixir for the ultimate indulgent soak that truly awakens the senses. Let your nose inhale the delicate designer scents that have been loving-curated by leading perfumers in the UK. Feel the sensational bath oils soak over your body and lie back in total bliss.

Our mission is to add some beauty and relaxation to the ordinary every day and we take our craft very seriously. Each element within our luxury bath oils have been carefully paired using raw ingredients that are naturally-sourced. This gives you a nourishing soak that treats your skin whilst also doing the best for the planet, too.

You’ll feel your worries float away as you drift off into another plane in your dreamy bath and emerge from the softly fragranced water feeling truly revitalised.