Breathe life into tired skin with a luxury body lotion or hand lotion from Miller Harris. We’re dedicated to finding the beauty in everyday life and our concoctions are designed to reawaken your senses and discover a new appreciation for the beauty of the ordinary day.

Delicately perfumed with our iconic scents, our lotions are perfect for using either on their own or alongside the rest of our perfume sets. Used together, they’re transcendent, giving you an experience that will harness your zen and leave you feeling centred and relaxed.

Capturing the Essence of Living

When creating our designer scents, we hope to tell a story of urban life. We take inspiration from all around the world, and we’re fiercely protective of our planet. The floral scents, green notes and other precious botanicals and raw materials used in our products are all ethically and sustainably sourced.

Part of why our perfumed body lotions are so unique is that we approach our scents in an unconventional way, taking the art of perfumers and mixing it with modern culture to create something truly unique. Combining fashion, art and culture within the story of our perfumes, we create a scent that truly encapsulates life in London.

Share this sensory experience with your loved ones with our Miller Harris luxury body lotion gift sets, available to buy from our online shop. When it comes to skincare, don’t just settle – treat your skin to heavenly fragrances and loving lotions that will not only hydrate but also leave a lasting impression on your day.

Perfumed Hand & Body Lotion

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