Men's Aftershave Gift Sets

Our Miller Harris men’s gift sets are luxury in a bottle – the perfect gift for the adventurer, or the eccentric, or the bibliophile. In our collection, we have a fragrance that works in perfect harmony with his aura, to provide a treat for all the senses.

Our scented candles are the perfect antidote to a long day, an invigorating body wash can help him get the day started in the right way, and the mesmerising scents in our men’s aftershave gift sets can leave a beautifully lingering impression.

Tell a Story with a Gift Set for Him

With a combination of natural aromas, warm spice and fresh botanicals, our perfume for him is an intoxicating treat for the senses. We approach our craft in a unique way, with our innovative perfumers breathing new life and colour into the traditional art. We take inspiration from culture, literature, spoken word, photography and travel, and our passion for culture is infused into our iconic fragrances.

A Miller Harris gift set for him is an unexpected journey through the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, a contemplative, delicate and seductive mixture of dusky storax, frankincense, soft leather and saffron. Or, you could be transported to the legendary mythical city of Alexandria with La Fumée Alexandrie, with intense oud, spicy cinnamon and earthy sandalwood combined with notes of lychee and mandarin.

The power of a perfume set for him is transcendent – it can evoke feelings of nostalgia, longing or adventure, and inspire him to add his own memories to the vibrant experience.

Men's Aftershave Gift Sets

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