Lumiere Doree

"Lumière Dorée by Miller Harris is a surprisingly touching hymn to orange blossom. Originally launched in 2016 alongside Etui Noir, it is a sunlit contrast to that warm, leathered darkness but something that can be mixed with it, creating something entirely new and unexpected; a spiked and elegant leather cocktail, a splash of gold paint thrown across the back of Etui Noir’s moody hand-me-down redolent biker jacket.

Alone, Lumière Dorée is a quiet moment of beautiful contemplation. It smells like strange light, entering an empty room sensing perhaps past voices as dust motes sparkle like so much proffered gold and shadows.

Can a citrus perfume oozing bitter orange, petitgrain, orange blossom, jasmine and amber be considered revelatory? I think so, Lumière Dorée is an utter joy to wear; it is reflective and radiant, suffusing the mind with stillness. It is a perfume about the acknowledgment of light sources, beams, cracks in walls, slivers, holes in floors, filaments, candles, fire, moon and sun. Light distorted, scattered, sliding over sleeping skin. Any golden light has a sense of the sacred and serene about it and Lumière Dorée reveals this in a glowing embrace of musky sensual orange.