Feuilles de Tabac

"Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris, one of the four original perfumes from 2000, when the brand launched, is a masculine masterpiece displaying a certain faded solidity and endurance to it that feels somehow reassuringly lover, husband, dad, son. It has a particular polished and worn solidity that glows in places and darkens in others. Overall a seductive interpretation of exquisitely handled barbering tropes embedded in scattered fragrant pine needles, bruised sage, pimento, earthy patchouli and the singular scent of smoky, aromatic leaf, one of the most iconic and recognisable aromas in the perfumer’s palette and one that Miller Harris understand instinctively.

This is also a perfume embedded in café memories and steam-fogged window rendezvous, falling in love over tumbling text books, rolled cigarettes, coffee and perfumed hair. Some perfumes are lucky enough to smell internally of memory, notes and accords seemingly already imbued with flashes and stains of before. This gently medicinal and herbaceous embrace of masculine warmth is one of those rare fragrances that allows you to feel loved and safe. The tobacco note is one the most original in the business, adroitly handled, an echo perhaps of past smoking, romanticised in recollection. More perhaps a sensation of momentarily lost in the past amid campfire and bonfire fumes, airborne souvenirs tinged with mulchy patchouli and the fragrant hiss of burning pine needles.

Feuilles de Tabac is a wonderfully complex masculine scent/perfume with a careful gravitas and subtle sense of smoky leafed sensuality. Ladies/Women? can enjoy its pleasures too, fortune has always favoured the perfumed brave and the notes are subverted, tonka bean adding a vanillic leather sweetness and the pimento just enough witty spice to toy with the notions of aromatic chaos."