PDP Content - Vetiver Insolent

Vetiver Insolent
An exploration of vetiver
For the mischievous and courageous. It combines facets of smoke, roots, spice and freshness. The brazen freshness of bergamot and cardamom is balanced against woody black pepper and the balsamic sweetness of elemi. Rebellious and sensual, with charismatic allure.
Inspired by Tender is the Night
by F. Scott Fitgerald
Vetiver Insolent
The facets of vetiver are all at play here, the forest floor earthiness of the root juxtaposed with the smoky resin of elemi, the woody elements of black pepper and the brazen freshness of bergamot and cardamom.

She will go alone to the party, despite the approbation and the tongues that will inevitably click and whirr. In the quiet green sanctuary of her glass-walled rooms, she looks over gardens of iris and lavender, the bruise mauve purple edged with oak trees. The embossed invitation says black in a deeper punched typeface, emphasising the implied seriousness of digression. But she has a dress of shimmering, simmering emerald silk that at night will lie against her white skin like a Maharani’s beloved parure of green fire.