PDP Content - Etui Noir

Layer with Lumière Dorée
Day and night
Étui Noir
Like a well-worn leather jacket.
The sweet and suede-like leather accord is supported by the woods and powder of iris, whilst fragrant and balsamic incense creates depth and intrigue through its smoky character. Flashes of bright light from vetiver, tangerine and bergamot represent the city, a highlight against an otherwise dark and dusky fragrance.
Miller Harris Étui Noir
‘Can I wear your leather jacket tonight?’

"He had been kind of dreading that question. She stood framed in the door’s half spilled light as beautiful as ever, his old biker jacket creaking in her hands. He must have hesitated because she laughed, ‘..You love this old skin more than me’, slipping it over her bare shoulders and disappearing into the shadows of the apartment.

It was a sacred jacket, soaked in memories, a second skin. With him since late bruising teens, slept in, smoked in, cried in, drunk in, sex on. Now its scented memories hang in his room, embedded and comforting, supple and sensual, reeking in his mind of a sweet life lived. Of course she can wear it, she can add her story to his, flowers, books, oranges and powder to smoke, leather and the ghost of cigarettes. Enigma, masterpiece & memory. Love is a shared leather. L’amour est un cuir partegé… "