L’Air de Rien

The fragrant expression of Jane Birkin’s life and style.

The Story of L’Air de Rien

“How do you capture the scent of nothing, the ambience of silence?”


The Fragrance

Seeking to capture Jane Birkin’s favourite scents and inimitable style, L’Air de Rien conjures dusty libraries and old books through earthen oak moss and a dry vanilla note. An alluring and profound amber accord is balanced against a sensual yet sweet musk. It speaks of nostalgia, intimacy and comfort.

“Jane was very different from my usual clients. People normally just come once, then leave me to create the scent, whereas with Jane it was a two-year rapport, sending vials back and forth between us.”

“We talked a lot about places and things that I enjoy and are important to me – like sitting in a coffee shop in Istanbul with all the cats under the table. It was like she was trying to do a portrait of me in scent.”

- Jane Birkin, as quoted in The Independent.

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