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We are linking up to celebrate International women's day, and will donate 10% of sales to The Pink Ribbon Foundation

Jemima Sara Hand

In 2017, Jemima Sara Hand launched JEMIMASARA, a concept that nestles all her creative projects.

The idea behind the brand is to inspire everyone to have a voice through educating, informing and inspiring individuals to love their genuine, fabulous selves.

JEMIMASARA's motto is self­worth, self­acceptance, equality and confidence.The motto developed from the ‘Martini Ladies’ illustrations featured in the first collection, depicts nude figures ‘living their best lives’ witha lot of humour & style.''The Illustrations celebrate the female form through the creation of the “Martini Lady”. The hero ‘SALLY’ is an unapologetic representation of a female figure who is often portrayed with nothing but a martini at hand and a positive attitude.

The ‘Martini lady’ aka SALLY is positive figure, with very few boundaries who promotes self­confidence, self­love and wants to educate, inform and inspire individuals through a series of hilarious peptalks.JEMIMASARA was created after Jemima suffered with metal health, anxiety and self­worth issues had become hugely prominentin her life. Her road to recovery was scribbling and drawing naked ladies whom she called ‘martini ladies’. They represent self­love, self­worth and confidence as well as having fun and not taking life too seriously.''Living andworking in London & Shropshire, Jemima Sara doeseverything from designing the clothes, sourcing the material,meeting local suppliers; and works with the local community to helpsupport other small businesses.Each JEMIMASARA garments is screen printed by hand and all


The future is exciting.

Let's build a gender-balanced world.

Everyone has a part to play - all the time, everywhere.

From grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance. We notice its absence and celebrate its presence.

Balance drives a better working world. Let's all help create a #BalanceforBetter.

10% of Sales donated

To the The Pink Ribbon Foundation

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