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  • In a world of fast fashion and mass consumption, how do you differentiate yourself? As trends speed up and become disposable, the idea of slowing down and taking the time to find something unique to wear through scent layering, that somehow represents you as an individual is ever more appealing.

    At Miller Harris each and every perfume has a different reaction on each and every body, creating a totally unique scent. This is because of our commitment to eliminating synthetics from our perfumes -no perfumer has a higher percentage of natural ingredients than Miller Harris. So as soon as your Miller Harris concoction hits your skin, it immediately takes on a new, unique life.

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  • In celebration of London Fashion Weekend at The Saatchi Gallery, Miller Harris has teamed up with the artist, illustrator and creative director Laura Quick to create an immersive experience of our brand.


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  • You’ve probably noticed scent has an uncanny ability to conjure long lost memories. But how closely is a scent related to visuals. Can you really smell a colour?


    Yes. Synaesthesia is a neurological phenomenon where stimulation of one of the senses stimulates an additional sense: for example, smelling a colour or tasting a sound.

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  • If you wear nothing else to a music festival, don’t forget a powerful, enchanting scent to suit the mood of your revelry. Beyond its obvious necessity in any shower-free wonderland, scent is the human mind’s most powerful way of capturing a memory forever. Choosing a festival fragrance is imperative to creating a lasting memory.

    We’ve sniffed out the world’s most exhilarating music festival experiences, matching each to its olfactive Miller Harris equivalent.

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  • The bitter orange tree is a wonder. For perfumers, it provides a number of different essences, chief amongst which is neroli – used for centuries by perfumers. The orange tree is rather unromantically referred to as the ‘pig of perfumery’ – because so many parts of the tree are useful.neroliblog Continue reading

  • Lumiere Doree and Etui Noir have been hitting the headlines throughout the press since their launch.

    beauty news_00010.jpg

    You Magazine loved Etui Noir, describing it as “a smoky blend of bergamot, leather and birch – will suit intrepid travellers”


    Lumiere Doree picked as one of the Observer Magazine’s best summer fragrances…
    “All of this season’s best fragrances veer towards boyish, with bergamot and fruit and green things leaving the sense of a memorable country walk on your skin, but one with someone you really, really like.”


    And finally, Harper’s Bazaar pick Etui Noir as the "best addictive, heady scent" for summer.

  • With the upcoming launch of Lumiere Dorée & Etui Noir, blogs and press are beginning to get excited and are buzzing over our new fragrances.

    We were recently featured over by Hayley over London Beauty Queen who loved both of the fragrances. Here's what she has to say about Etui Noir:

    "Interestingly this is actually quite unisex, thanks to the more masculine notes of leather and wood, so it's definitely one you could share with your partner or enjoy alone"


    Jane, the British Beauty Blogger, British Beauty Blogger says:

    "Lumiere Doree has all the right notes to be the sunshine – if you can say there is a scent to the sun then I definitely get it in this"


    Etui Noir and Lumiere Dorée are two sides of the same person: night and day, and dark and light. They work beautifully individually or layered as a pair, where they reveal new shadows and facets.

    The two fragrances will be launching on June 2nd here at millerharris.com and at our stores.

  • map-mh

    To celebrate the launch our upcoming fragrances Lumière Dorée and Étui Noir next week, Miller Harris is excited to invite you to take part in our treasure hunt on Saturday 4th of June.

    Starting in Covent Garden Market, you'll receive a map and instructions for each task across London as you travel to your final destination at Bruton Street. You’ll need to take photos along your journey to take part – sharing them on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MHShadowsAndLight

    You'll receive rewards at each check point when you show your photos to our store teams.

    The first 10 people to complete the treasure hunt will win a 50ml fragrance of both Lumière Dorée and Étui Noir!

    Comfortably androgynous, one is a reflection, the other is its mirror image. Lumière Dorée is the golden aura that every morning enfolds the night. Etui Noir is the magic shadow that each night sets free the day.

    We look forward to seeing you and your photos on Saturday!

  • Join Miller Harris & Courvoisier on Thursday, 16th June, 6.30PM-8.30PM, for an evening of fragrance and cognac pairings at Miller Harris Mayfair, 21 Bruton Street, London W1J 6QD. All guest will receive a free gift & discount on all purchases. Tickets £65 each (Early Birds £50), please email [email protected] to book.




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