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Lumière Dorée - by Jo Tiller

By  Jo Tiller, CRM Loyalty Programme Manager at Harrods


Walking along Hans Crescent you can almost smell that familiar scent that greets you with a luxurious embrace as the doors to the terracotta palace are opened by a Green man to welcome you in-store. Deep breath in ... Mmmm it never fails, it gets you every time and takes you away to a wonderful world full of THE very best ... and it feels good!  However luckily for me and my bank account I spend 60% of my working week in Head Office but it doesn't stop me, the temptation's always there to look for new fragrances, new scents to love and enjoy ... just because I can!

It all changed when I reached my 40s...through my 20s and 30s I was always so loyal to one perfume maybe two max, but as I've transitioned from independent woman to married and a mother, I need more. I need one for every mood and every mindset...I need one that takes me back to my youth, back to my carefree self or back to the date nights in town where we pretend to be carefree for all of 3 hours!

And being a working mum I need a fragrance that totally lifts me, gives me that confidence to kick start the day ahead feeling fresh, light and instantly energised. Lumière Dorée does exactly that! With its playful exciting tone it gives me a little pick-me-up every time the wind blows! It makes me want to pick up my wrist and inhale the intoxicating floracy again and again. Maybe it's the base blend of Amber and musk followed by neroli and orange tones that instantly draws me to take a deeper breath and then I'm taken away by Jasmine...and it seems to get me everytime! The familiarity gives me the confidence I need to boost me through my day to remind me that I'm still that woman, youthful and playful but professional in my everyday! I LOVE it and it's totally a feel good scent that bursts with every spray! And it lasts ...