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My Favourite London Scent Haunts I

For the first in the "My Favourite London Scent Haunts" series we sat together with the two perfumers behind our latest Forage launch.


Bertrand Duchaufour – Perfumer

“I was really surprised by the huge number of parks, squares and other green spaces you can find in the capital and the different scents you can find there. I recently discovered the herb cow parsley. It grows everywhere in the city and could seem so insignificant, but as soon as you scratch the leaf, it releases a stunning odour – reminiscent of the citrusy floral effect of bergamot and the green spicy note of parsley, mixed with a green, earthy touch of galbanum. And there’s the Thames of course, with its dirty petrol-like notes and smoky, rubber accents, all mixed with an ineffable aqueous note.”

Mathieu Nardin – Perfumer

“Last March, I had an amazing experience foraging with Miller Harris CEO Sarah Rotherham in lovely place in London - Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, an abandoned cemetery. I was blown away by a plant called Sweet Woodruff, whose leaves emit an amazing aroma. It’s a bit like tonka - an ingredient we use often in perfumery: sweet, with vanilla and almond accents. It’s delicious and highly addictive.”