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La Fumée Intense La Fumée Intense
Eau de Parfum

La Fumée Intense


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La Fumée Intense is inspired by the ritual of burning resins and fragrant wood chips. Entrancing and undulating, the curiously sweet smoke rises from a burner. Somalian frankincense is at the heart of this evocative, sacred perfume. Geranium and chamomile mingle with elemi to create a gently fruity aspect, in contrast with lavender to evoke spikenard. A haze of cardamom and cool spices carries the smoke like a haze over heated sand.

Layer La Fumée Intense with Rose Silence, Lumière Dorée, Étui Noir and Vetiver Insolent.

A visual interpretation of fragrance, the scent mosaic is made up of a series of colours, each representing a heart or top note.

Top: Lavendar, elemis. incense

Heart: Cardamom,Corriander seed, Geranium, Chamomile

Base: Patchouli, oud

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La Fumée Intense
Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the entrancing ritual of burning incense and wood chips. Sitting atop a bakhoor burner, precious incense burns with rambling and undulating intensity. A contrast of fresh French lavender with Somalian frankincense. The unexpected fresh character of elemi is amplified by a camphoraceous whisper of cardamom. A blend of cool spices, geranium and chamomile fuel the fire.
Part of the La Fumée Collection
A concentrated smouldering interpretation of frankincense

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