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For Him

  • Feuilles de Tabac
    Feuilles de Tabac
    Travel Refills 3 X 9ML
    Evocative of the smoky, romantic brasseries of Saint-Germain.
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    3 x 9ml | £50.00
  • La Fumée Arabie
    La Fumée Arabie
    Eau de Parfum
    Inspired by a meandering journey through an exotic spice market; warm, sensual and captivating.
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    100ml | £155.00
  • Poirier d'un Soir
    Poirier d'un Soir
    Eau de Parfum
    Evocative of the warm honeyed blooms that encircle a pear orchard at dusk
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    100 ml | £95.00
  • Veti Vert
    Veti Vert
    Eau de Parfum
    A complex and classic fragrance which showcases the mysterious properties of vetiver.
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    100 ml | £155.00