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While our fragrances are perfectly crafted to give you an unforgettable fragrance journey on your skin, you can elevate your fragrance journey by applying more than one scent at a time. We have enclosed three fragrance miniatures which we feel work particularly well together and we would encourage you to try them and blend them in different ways to discover you perfect elevated fragrance experience and create something as unique as you are.
The warmth and spice of La Fumée blends brilliantly with the delicate, fresh green touches of Rose Silence for a floral woody scent. La Fumée also works very well with Poirier d’un Soir to give you a warm and sensual fruity woody scent. Or apply Rose Silence and Poirier d’un Soir together to create a playful fruity floral fragrance.

La Fumée

La Fumée invokes a swirl of incense encircled by dry and sensual woods in this dramatic arrangement of citrus, smoke and spice. Opening notes of cistus absolute, cardamom from Guatemala, coriander seed and Egyptian cumin are combined with elemi from the Philippines and incense from the Yemen. What follows is a deep and smoky heart of cedar wood from Morocco. Santal Mysore provides a fragrant kindling to a blaze of Spanish cistus absolute, cade and birch tar. The final impression is one of smouldered embers; smoke, wood and amber.

Rose Silence

The week is gone, the room is your own. A beam of light streams in through the curtains and you wake slowly, breathing the scent of a fresh white pillow. An unexpected embrace: faint, fresh rose with undertones of sandalwood and patchouli, untouchable yet crisp, possessing an intoxicating magic. An intimate, thrilling moment.

Poirer d'un Soir

Inspired by the contrasting flavours and complex aromas of a ripe pear and its delectable possibilities. Like lights ablaze in a dusking sky, a combination of a fresh Italian bergamot, pear macerating in dark rum extract, black currant and tagete introduce a glimpse of warmth and a touch of caramelised sugar. A rich heart of spice, Turkish rose, peony and birch tar oil leave a smoky and earthy core signature. Shadows of top and heart dry down to a smooth base of ambrette seed, white cedar wood and cashmere wood. Poirier d'un Soir is a memorable delight.