Eau de Parfum
La Fumée 185g Candle

A swirl of incense encircles dry and sensual woods in a mysterious arrangement.

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La Fumée is a smoke perfume which pays homage to the ancient rites of perfumery, 'through smoke'. Ancient pomanders filled with incense resins and spice, dramatic and decadent offerings to the gods with smoke rising towards the heavens. La Fumée transports through these ancient rituals, where glowing embers give their trail to the air. A fusion of sweet elemi, animalic cistus labdanum and translucent Yemini incense with the incomparable heat of Mysore sandalwood and birch, sprinkled with a delicate spice blend of cumin and coriander seed.


Sometimes described as a Fragrance Pyramid, we describe our perfumes as having Head Notes, Heart Notes and Lasting Impressions.

Head Notes: Lavender France, Elemi Iran, Encens Yemen
Heart Notes: Cardamom Guatemala, Coriander seed, Cumin Egypt, Geranium Egypt, Chamomile Maroc
Lasting Impressions: Cedar wood Maroc, Agar wood, Santal Mysore, Cade, Birch tar, Amber

An intriguing translucent smokiness
La Fumée by Miller Harris
La Fumée
Eau de Parfum
La Fumée creates an impression of smouldering incense resins. As smoke lifts away from the embers, it brings with it a dramatic arrangement of spice

La Fumée Collection is a vaporous and atmospheric exploration of incense, the beautiful phantom soul of perfume. It echoes the literal meaning of perfume, per fumum, taken from the Latin, meaning through smoke, offering up aromatic prayers, love, yearnings, litanies and fears to the gods above. Precious words spiralling skyward wrapped in precious tendrils of scented haze. English perfumer Lyn Harris created an intense incense collection of luminous miasma, inspired by this most sacred and ancient of olfactive experiences. Emotive incense, resins, aromatic woods, balms, roses and spices travel through time from sacrificial altar via perfumer’s palette to our skin, fumes continuing to rise and rise like contemplative prayers to skies, senses and memory.