Luxury Gift Sets

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The perfect gift for her and him, our Miller Harris luxury gift sets are brimming full of intoxicating fragrances and lotions that provide a truly sensory experience. Your recipient can immerse themselves in our world of delicate fragrances, mixed with naturally sourced ingredients and inspired by the beauty of the ordinary world.

Our perfumers have formulated iconic scents that tell a story of urban life, with London right at the centre of our creative journey. Allow them to experience the golden, nostalgic aura of home, regardless of where they are in the world.

Curated Beauty Gift Sets for Her & Him

Our captivating and evocative scents are curated by expert mixologists and infused into our perfumes, candles, after shave balms, body washes and scrubs. They’re treasured and unique pots of luxury with impeccable style, ready to gift to loved ones.

Try our invigorating body wash and scrub that will awaken their senses and get them energised for the day ahead, as well as bathing them in the soft fragrance of Rose Silence or Lumière Dorée. For those always on the go, our mini Eau de Parfum sprays are the ideal travelling companions. The bottles may be pocket-sized but they still offer a vibrant burst of sweetness for an uplifting addition to their day.

Introduce your friends to our carefully curated products with our beauty gift sets and they're sure to fall head over heels in love with our energising, immersive, creative and unconventional take on the traditional perfumer's art.