Personal Fragrance Profile - mhtest1
Personal Fragrance Profile - mhtest1
Personal Fragrance Profile - mhtest1
Personal Fragrance Profile - mhtest1
Personal Fragrance Profile eGift

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Duration - Up to 1 hour
Location - Coal Drops Yard or Monmouth Street or Canary Wharf
eGift Voucher - Value in Miller Harris Product
“You are you, you know what you like but sometimes finding a perfect scent is confusing; finding a scent which you adore but which also reflects who you are. Telling your story through your perfume, whether it’s who you are, who you want to be or discovering something new is a journey, just like the dry down from your first spritz to the lasting impressions of a scent. 
Miller Harris is a British perfumer where we believe stories matter and every customer has a fragrance story waiting to be told. Our staff in store are experts in uncovering your story and our Fragrance Profiling service allows you to discover which of our fine perfumes works best for you and why. We have individual stores throughout London, each with it’s own personality and hugely well informed staff. Our Profiling service can be enjoyed at either our Coal drops Yard store, very close to Eurostar at Kings Cross, or in our intimate Monmouth Street store in the heart of London’s theatre land. 
What to Expect:
A one to one discussion with a fragrance expert where you will smell all our fragrances and be asked questions about what you like and don’t like, what perfume means to you and scented memories you treasure. This could take up to an hour.
A gift voucher which is redeemable against whichever fragrance you end up choosing to buy after your profiling.
A unique experience in either our latest flagship store at Coal Drop Yard (described as a feast for the senses) or Monmouth Street which is more intimate and private. Or our wonderful store in Canary Wharf
What our Customers say...


Thank you for a very special experience yesterday.....  a journey of olfactory discovery!

My wife was very impressed, happy and excited with such an amazing day out. You were instrumental in evoking such a wonderful experience and I wanted to extend our thanks to you and your team.

 I've copied Iris as she's already talking about bringing her friends along for an incredible experience.

 Merry Christmas to you and the Miller Harris family.

 Kind regards and see you soon.

 Stuart and Iris