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Coeur de Jardin 100ml Coeur de Jardin 100ml Coeur de Jardin 100ml
Eau de Parfum

Coeur de Jardin 100ml


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In the heart of an English garden and the typical British summer; the heat of the sun following a passing rainstorm. Coeur de Jardin captures sparkling dew on petals, lush fruit trees and that evocative richness of petrichor. The beguiling floralcy of rose, jasmine and tuberose swirl around, mingling with peaches and pears drenched from the downpour. Orris, moss and patchouli create a subtle milieu of still wet earth and foliage. A joyous air of fruit and florals.

A visual interpretation of fragrance, the scent mosaic is made up of a series of colours, each representing a heart or top note.

Top: bergamot Italy, lemon Italy

Heart: rose Turkey, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla

Base: orris butter

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Cœur de Jardin
Capturing the heart of a well-tended English garden in the heat of day.
A joyous burst of Italian bergamot and lemon sits against the orchard sweetness of pear and peach. The blooming brightness of jasmine and tuberose demand attention from the charming Turkish rose. A gently earthy and green backdrop of orris, amber, moss and patchouli creates the impression of the foliage underfoot, grounding the otherwise fleeting floral and fruity scents.
Cœur de Jardin
The scent of Coeur de Jardin fills the light, lovely bright morsels of amber, musk, green damp moss and a comforting soft patchouli.

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