Winter Foraging

Written by  Honeysuckle and Hilda
The florist’s season begins in Spring, as the ground thaws, the birds start singing and narcissi and tulips vie for our attention. Months of beautiful British flowers lie ahead of us. Summer is full of roses, foxgloves, peonies and heady scents. In Autumn, the pressure begins to lessen as we scoop up the last of the Dahlias and there is a lull before all the excitement of Christmas and wreath making.
As the weather cools, I dig out my black opaque tights, and big jumpers - and better still, Hilda’s jumpers. This 5kg tiny Schnauzer rocks a winter knit! With a change of wardrobe comes a change of scent (in my case Miller Harris Le Jasmin is replaced by one of their La Fumée range). It’s certainly true that each season smells different - the smell of bonfires and log fires, and damp moss as we wander through the surrounding woodlands, is one of my favourite things about Winter. 
Floral arrangment
It might seem that there is little foraging to be done on my Winter walks with Hilda. The last of the leaves have fallen; the berries, haws and hips of Autumn are gone. But this is not so, for the keen forager knows that this is the time for collecting all the crispy pieces of foliage, sculptural twigs or branches, brown fern, seed heads, lichen; branches of pine make excellent foliage in the absence of leaves and trailing vines.  
Sometimes, these alone are enough to make a piece, but I rely on my amaryllis bulbs unfolding, and the last of my Chrysanthemums have been brought inside in the hope they will continue to flower maybe another month.
As the nights draw in, it seems entirely acceptable to down tools earlier on, and curl up by the fire with either a good book or an episode of Miss Marple, my not so secret pleasure, with Hilda on my lap, thinking forward to Christmas and all that the season holds (the stash of foraged goods is already piling up in anticipation).
Christmas wreath
Claire, of Honeysuckle and Hilda, is one of our partner florists with a longstanding relationship with us here at Miller Harris. She has created some beautiful floral content for our In Bloom campaigns and is an all round excellent human being!