What gives you that fuzzy feeling? Part 2

Certain things conjure up that warm, cosy feeling of Christmas for each of us. We asked our team members, collaborators and friends to share their thoughts.

“Wrapping Christmas presents with the help of my three assistants - cats named Miss Fluffbunny, Gingerbits and Puppy - lighting my log fire and the smell of it burning and the sound of it crackling. Chatting in the kitchen with family and friends while cooking Christmas dinner. And the magical feeling of a candlelit carol concert at Christ Church Spitalfields where so many Huguenots were married and baptised.” - Charlie de Wet, Chair, Huguenots of Spitalfields

“Christmas is recalling that childlike sense of wonder and magic - and the unique sense of excitement that Christmas is finally, finally coming - and it's the best day of the whole year. (And hoping it'll snow in time for Christmas Day.) Beyond the heady scent of spiced mulled wine and rich mince pies, of course, it's a sense of family and togetherness - taking a moment to feel really and truly lucky that you love and are loved.” - Alice Revel, Founder of Reading in Heels

“Having dinner at Zédels and walking out into the bright lights of Piccadilly. Catching the train in the evening laden with bags of presents to visit the family. Hacking away at a giant wheel of stilton, regardless of the time of day. Taking the opportunity to escape the city and curl up with books, books and more books.” - Viola Levy, Beauty Writer