What gives you that fuzzy feeling?

Certain things conjure up that warm, cosy feeling of Christmas for each of us. We asked our team members, collaborators and friends to share their thoughts.

“For me, lights popping up where there usually aren’t any, creating electric glows in windows. When you see reindeers on rooftops and Santas in sleights, it’s a big-hearted celebration in spite of the electricity bills! Also the sense of closing a year ... slightly melancholic but with the prospect of a new one, glinting like frost in the near distance.”
- Matt Huband, Miller Harris Marketing Director

“I like to take the opportunity to wander around spots that are usually quieter over Christmas, like an exhibition, while everybody else flocks to the same places!”
- Bertrand Duchaufour, Perfumer

“The smell of bonfires in the air, crisp bright morning strolls (or just staying snuggled in bed), wiggling my toes in new furry slippers, sipping glasses of port laden with luscious fruitiness, feeding the Christmas cake with brandy (and perhaps saving a nip for myself).”
- Suzy Nightingale, Senior Writer - The Perfume Society