The devil is in the detail

Poonam is one of our brand collaborators who has shared her thoughts on home fragrance and styling as we come into the Autumn period.

To be honest I never gave that much thought into the way my house smelt, I was always more interested in the way it looked and getting the styling right (after all there’s no such thing as scratch and sniff on Instagram, smiling lots!). However, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I visited my friend (who has the most incredible house) and not only was her house styled to perfection it smelt amazing too. It was the same kind of feeling you get when you walk into your favourite coffee shop or bakery, where the aroma makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. And from that point onwards, I was hooked on ways to make my home smell as good as it looks. 

My home is a mix of modern interiors styled with the odd antique piece to give it a sense of uniqueness. And as I’ve got older (not that old) and wiser (most certainly yes) I’ve learnt that less is definitely more. So I tend to buy pieces of furniture/interiors that speak for themselves that need little or no styling. The same goes for the scent in my house. I like to keep it simple. Nothing too overbearing but just enough aroma to get the senses going.

And since discovering home scents I have to admit I’ve become slightly obsessed, but maybe it’s got something to do with the fact I’ve a toddler in the house and on most occasions it doesn’t smell that great. Long gone are the days when my house smelt of nothing but baby powder. So during the day I tend to use a quick spray of my favourite room fragrance, something subtle, floral and fresh, depicting an aroma of cleanliness. And at night, when I finally switch off playing mum, my evening ritual begins with lighting scented candles. I tend to go for more heavier, woodier scents that help me relax and give me a sense of calmness.

So for me, the devil is definitely in the detail and this includes how my home smells. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than an amazing house smelling of dogs or yesterday’s dinner. So how do you fragrance your home? 


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