The Art of Scent Layering

In a world of fast fashion and mass consumption, how do you differentiate yourself? As trends speed up and become disposable, the idea of slowing down and taking the time to find something unique to wear through scent layering, that somehow represents you as an individual is ever more appealing.

At Miller Harris each and every perfume has a different reaction on each and every body, creating a totally unique scent. This is because of our commitment to eliminating synthetics from our perfumes -no perfumer has a higher percentage of natural ingredients than Miller Harris. So as soon as your Miller Harris concoction hits your skin, it immediately takes on a new, unique life.

This season at Miller Harris, we’ve continued our quest for individuality through scent, moving into an offering of scent layering suggestions from our Master Perfumer. Scent layering means mixing and matching scents with complementary ingredients, elevating the fragrant journey and creating depth to your scent.

With the launch of the Editions range, we created fragrances designed to showcase one hero ingredient and give a more linear fragrance journey to the skin. This allows you not only to seek a totally unique scent, but to have more fun in selecting your fragrance on your skin. Love Tuberosa but want drawn to the autumnal feel of La Feuille these days? You’d be surprised how well they complement one another, creating an irresistible fusion of natural elements from The Perfumer's Library.

The recently launched Etui Noir and Lumiere Doree, were created to go together, blending their leather and neroli bases. The result was an unexpectedly addictive combination.

Similarly, add depth to a light, chic floral vibe by parking La Fumee Intense with Rose Silence.

Or match Poirer d’un Soir with La Fumee Intense for a beautiful, creamy floral mood, that will take you easily from day to evening.

For a more opulent expression, La Fumee Ottoman, Coeur de Jardin and Fleur Oriental work in harmony as an indulgently soft, luxurious fragrant journey, perfect for an evening out in the cold months ahead.

The only limit to your options is your imagination, so join us at our boutiques to mix and match your own highly personalised, bespoke fragrance.

- Monica x