Our scented self-care guide

As we slowly come out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’, it’s still important to take time to manage your self-care and give yourself a little TLC.  We wanted to share with you our top tips for keeping your mind and body relaxed and share some of our favourite products that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

Create a sanctuary at home

Scent has the amazing power to soothe the soul. Create a calming retreat at home and take a moment to light a scented candle or fill the room with the fragrance with one of our diffusers.  

The warm, balmy scent of our La Pluie Candle is perfect for when you want to hibernate in the home, instantly switching your space to relaxation mode.

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Nurture with nature

Bringing nature and simple mindful actions into your daily routine can help to counteract the unpredictability and chaos of everyday life. 

Willow Crossley's, 'The Wild Journal' celebrates the potential of nature to mend, heal and transform our mood and guides you through creative practical projects and therapeutic seasonal reflections.  

Another way to stay connected with nature and also brighten up your working-from-home desk is with a succulent plant. This mini Suri Succulent from Patch Plants brings the outside in adding a touch of greenery to your indoor space.

Stay connected

Whilst you are still unable to see and keep in touch with loved ones properly, Papier's Scallop Shell notecards are the perfect way to stay in touch with friends & family. Writing is such an important way to feel connected to people and much better for the mind than using a phone or computer to send a message.

These cards can be personalised with your name to add that extra special touch and are printed on sustainably sourced paper.

Take some time for yourself

Whether it's taking a break for a comforting cup of tea or indulging in some skin pampering, it's important to make time for yourself.

Much loved for its calming and sleep-promoting effects, Good & Proper's calming Chamomile Tea is perfect for when you need a little breather or want to wind-down. 

Liha beauty make products that are a mixture of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude that encourage self-care moments, slowing down and taking pause. 


Dress how you want to feel

Wear something that puts a smile on your face. JEMIMASARA’s collection of tongue-in-cheek t-shirts are sure to brighten up your day with various unique hand-printed designs that are made from ethically sourced, 100% organic cotton and hand screen printed locally in Shropshire, England. 

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