Scents for Spring

Spring has well and truly sprung! The magnolia and blossoms are all around, the wisteria and daffodils have budded and bloomed, and the air is fragrant with the new season. Spring is when florals come into their own, sure, but it’s also a perfect time to wear those warmer fragrances.


As busy as bees

Countless gardens and beehives are hidden on the rooftops of central London, and Hidden celebrates exactly that. Motes of pollen in the air and bees dancing from one blossom to the next, busying backwards and forwards to their hives and telling their family where to find precious nectar – Hidden captures all of that. Privet hedgerows, honeysuckle and sage combine with a drizzle of honey for an addictive and delectable scent.


Marching towards May

With May comes the earliest of the roses – delicate pinks and whites covered in morning dew, blooming with freshness and voluptuous richness. Rose Silence is as though someone has captured all that lushness, the vibrant and enrapturing scent of soft petals, citrus brightness and a touch of jammy sweetness. Hints of green leaves from geranium, and the musky backdrop to keep it on the skin for as long as possible.


Forest Floor

Truly an unexpected scent for spring, La Feuille celebrates the change of the seasons. As the flowers burst back into life, so do the trees – their green leaves budding and spreading to capture the coming sunshine. La Feuille is a unique perfume in telling a forgotten story of nature – the leaf coming into being. It bursts into life at the beginning of springtime, vibrant greens and sappy warmth – alongside the tang of berries and milky cool of fig before eventually falling to the earth as golds and reds.

Sunlight Streams

The Japanese have a beautiful word for light streaming through the leaves: komorebi. Le Cèdre feels exactly like that word – as though crystalline light is filtered through the branches and leaves of enormous cedars. The gentle warmth of the wood, salty air, and unexpected twists of floralcy from mimosa and orchid – Le Cèdre works year-round, but feels especially poignant as spring takes hold.