Q&A with Hannah Davies, Also Home CEO

I have admired Miller Harris as a Brand and Business for a very long time. When I was just starting Also Home I remember reading the story of how Miller Harris was created as a business and felt so inspired. So, when the opportunity to collaborate came up, I was so pleased.

Q: Why do you wear perfume?

I wear perfume every day and it is one of my only little luxuries and a very important part of my morning routine. I have always had two scents I favour and people always comment on them.

Q: What kind of scents you like?

My favourite style of scents are delicate and floral, but definitely not soapy. I always try a scent on my skin because I think you truly know if it’s the scent for you once it’s settled on your skin.

Q: Why do you like the pink one?

I love Rose Silence because it has a wonderful delicate every day fragrance. It settles beautifully and has a soft fragrant hue.

Q: When do you wear it, what does it do to your confidence?

Wearing Rose Silence starts me off every morning with a sense of I’m ready for the day. Even though I run my own business I don’t always feel very confident or grown up. Putting on my perfume helps me think ‘I can do this’. It also helps me feel feminine, strong and determined to keep going!


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