Q&A with Connor Davey, Senior Designer, Jones Knowles Ritchie

We sat down with Connor Davey, Senior Designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie and one of the creatives helping Miller Harris with the design of our two new perfumes Scherzo and Tender.

Q: What do you do and what does a typical day look like?
A: I’m a graphic designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie. We specialise in unlocking the charisma within a brand. My typical day could involve working on anything from a fragrance to a food brand.

Q: What inspired you to join the creative industry?
A: In school I was always the ‘arty’ kid. I’ve never wanted to do anything else. In school I’d sketch in the back of my science book during lessons and skip gym classes to paint. It was pretty inevitable that I’d end up in the creative industry.

Q: What do you most love about your job?
A:At Jones Knowles Ritchie I get to work on a varied range of projects that constantly push my creativity across big, medium and small sized brands. It’s a great thing when you get paid to do what you love.

Q: Talk us through the creative process for Tender and Scherzo - how did you takeinspiration from the fragrance and book to approach the design?
A: Working alongside our copywriter to dissect the book, there were reoccurring themes and tensions that really resonated with us. Love and loss. Vibrancy and darkness. Beauty and violence. Pairing these themes with some killer quotes from the book inspired a range of designs. The chosen design captures that breaking point between the past and the future that’s both beautifully kaleidoscopic and painfully fragile with a vibrant rose, bursting into life and
melting away all at once.

Q: What do you like most about the Tender & Scherzo branding?
A: It was interesting to see how the same extract was interpreted by a perfumer, a designer, an animator and a florist, and then all brought together as part of the multi-sensorial launch event.

Q: Why do you like working on Miller Harris?
A: The design for Scherzo & Tender disrupts everything you might expect from a luxury fragrance brand. It’s beautifully archaic. That’s what makes working with the Miller Harris team so refreshing. We can tell compelling stories with more than just the pack, it’s the whole experience, where our creativity as designers can be let loose.

Q: Do you wear fragrance?
A: I tend to wear different fragrances depending on my mood or the occasion. My preference is usually for something Oudy.

Q: What does fragrance mean to you? Does it unlock any memories?
A: Specific fragrances for me bring back vivid memories of a certain moment or location. I can smell a fragrance and be instantly transported back to an exotic holiday or a childhood day out. That’s what makes fragrance so personal to each person.

Q: This fragrance was inspired by the book Tender is the Night, do you have a favourite book?
A: I’m more a visual book kind of person. Fashion books, artists collections, that kind of thing.

Q: Is there a book they would love to bring to life via design?
A: Perhaps something decadent. Gatsby-esque. That would be great.