Noix de Tubéreuse

Noix de Tubereuse by British fragrance house Miller Harris is a perfume of excess and lavish nightfall skin.  As a night blooming flower, tuberose  (polianthes tuberosa) donates its decadent scent to darkness as an exotic gift to flatter the stars and seduce the vault of heaven.

You are dancing in an empty ballroom beneath a glittering chandelier, the room echoes with the scent of mimosa, violet, creamy tonka and the fetish complexity of French tuberose.  Fleshy and fatty with a biting edge of cruel pink.  Your love has pollen on the tips of her lashes and a coronet of blushing buds. The moon floods across a gilded wall as you inhale stems, petals and boudoir green off the scented hollow of her throat. Air explodes with corollas and indolic weather. There is no need for music when you dance to the carnal swoon of Noix de Tubereuse.