MH Press - Lumiere Dorée & Etui Noir reviews

With the upcoming launch of Lumiere Dorée & Etui Noir, blogs and press are beginning to get excited and are buzzing over our new fragrances.

We were recently featured over by Hayley over London Beauty Queen who loved both of the fragrances. Here's what she has to say about Etui Noir:

"Interestingly this is actually quite unisex, thanks to the more masculine notes of leather and wood, so it's definitely one you could share with your partner or enjoy alone"

Jane, the British Beauty Blogger, British Beauty Blogger says:

"Lumiere Doree has all the right notes to be the sunshine – if you can say there is a scent to the sun then I definitely get it in this"

Etui Noir and Lumiere Dorée are two sides of the same person: night and day, and dark and light. They work beautifully individually or layered as a pair, where they reveal new shadows and facets.

The two fragrances will be launching on June 2nd here at and at our stores.