An interview with Jemima Sara

This International Women's Week, we're partnering with JEMIMASARA to bring you fashion and fragrance - but most importantly, a female focus. 

In 2017, Jemima Sara Hand launched JEMIMASARA, a concept that nestles all her creative projects. The idea behind the brand is to inspire everyone to have a voice through educating, informing and inspiring individuals to love their genuine, fabulous selves. Today we speak to Jemima and find more about the woman behind the brand. 

What does it mean to be a woman today?
A woman today is being a warrior for change and equality. We are fighting for our equal stance in the world. I am so grateful to the main women in my life (my mum), who is the strongest fighter I know, she taught me if women work together that they can win very battle. Therefore, I think women today are warriors. Women today are fighting for their place in society and for that place not to be judged, oppressed or reconsidered. To me, a woman today = strength. 

The campaign for this IWD is #Balanceforbetter, what steps are you taking/do we all need to take to see a more gender-balanced world?
Firstly, I think understanding what it is to have a gender-balanced world to see how positive it is for everyone. Then informing and inspiring others to take their time to inform themselves that gender equity means fairness.

Having a gender-balanced world does not just include women and men, it includes LGBTQ individuals too. I think we all need to take time to educate ourselves on this subject, we can never stop learning.

Who’s your female role model?
My mum. She is the most incredible, kind, strong human being I have ever met. There are of course many other women, however my mum is my greatest role model.

What would you tell your younger self?
Soooo many things! (I think we all would)

Firstly, I would say to her: “you don’t need to make yourself pretty, skinny and extremely clever to fit in or get somewhere in life”. My younger self would properly laugh at me and say ‘yes I do!’. Which is so upsetting!

Women, for so long have been told that if they want to be accepted they have to be beautiful, thin and clever. I think this is soul destroying for a young woman, they are always trying to be the best they can possibly be: appearance wise and personally wise.

I would tell my younger self to ‘stop trying so hard to be something you are not. Try pouring that energy into something you are passionate about’.

Of course, I would show and tell my younger self why you don’t need to be amazingly beautiful, super thin and hope that it would encourage her to love herself for who she is.

I think as women; we need to collectively agree that it is wrong to grow up thinking that we have to be ‘perfect’. Women today should call out the red cards like beauty campaigns putting negativity on cellulite or diet / ‘detox’ products which are just laxatives. We should all be advocating self-worth, & self-love. 

What is your wish for JEMIMASARA as a brand? 
My wish is to educate and inspire everyone to share their voice and love themselves. Sharing your voice is a hard thing to do at first, especially for a women or LGBTQ individual. My wish is for JEMIMASARA to grow so that I can spread my work and allow more individuals to express themselves and their voice. The reason I now have a voice is through my designs and artwork. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to create my voice and I want to share this so others can too. Sharing your voice can be through anything and I think fashion is a great way to begin expressing yourself.

Tell us about your new collection. 
My new collection is called ‘Sharing your voice’ and is based on my wish for JEMIMASARA as a brand. I have launched a couple of new designs and products which suit all personalities and age ranges so that anyone, anywhere can wear them and feel like they are expressing themselves and their voice. 

Are there any aspects about London that inspire your work?
There are SO many different, amazing, creative people. Everywhere! London is a feeding ground for my work. I LOVE seeing how different people express themselves.

What do you want a fragrance to express about you?
I have a go to perfume which is quite bold and fresh. I love scents like jasmine, rose, patchouli, cloves and orange blossom. They properly don’t mix well, but I love bold statements. I think my favourite Miller Harris perfume scent is definitely: SCHERZO. I loveeee it. 

Why do JEMIMASARA and Miller Harris make a good partnership?
I think we make the perfect partnership. We both want to express voices within people by using product inspired by people and places. Miller Harris is a storyteller through scents and JEMIMASARA is a storyteller through fashion. A new perfume makes you feel confident and bold. Together, I think we sit hand in hand advocating empowerment, self-worth and sharing voices.

You can shop the new JEMIMASARA collection at 10% of sales will go to Breast Cancer.  

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